Frenic feat Gracie Grey – Money in my Pocket


Money In My Pocket is the first single from forthcoming Frenic album Initiation: Monomyth Part 2. You are on the hero’s journey having left behind your mundane reality in Monomyth: Separation. ‘Initiation’ will take you deep into the unknown, the underworld, the intangible.

Part 2 of the Monomyth trilogy will take you on a road of trials. To enter this part of the adventure you must give the “money in your pocket” to the ferryman and this will be your introduction to this album.  

Money In My Pocket is a dark textured trip hop collage featuring the eerie vocal talents of Gracie Grey and unearthly Spanish guitar of Chris Miller. It deals with the uncertainty of modern times against a brooding melancholic Frenic beat.

Money In My Pocket is also the first release from Frenic’s brand new independent label, This One Records.  The record label will be dedicated to creating “Timelessness in the Present,” from Frenic and new artists.

Art Work by Sugahtank

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