This One Records founder Sam Fergusson aka DJ Frenic wants to explore our innermost thoughts and take people deep into their own psyche on a journey of spiritual evolution and discovery.  

He has been a professional scratch DJ for 25 years, brought up on the emerging sounds of Drum & Bass and UK Hip Hop he began supporting household names such as Jurassic 5, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Afrika Bambaataa, Beatnuts and the Pharcyde. Now a local of Bristol, UK his skills as a party rocker are undisputed. His music production has brought international success, most notably in Greece where he leads the thriving beat scene. Producing tracks for locals and legends alike; recent projects have included beats for ASM and Marc7 of Jurassic 5 fame.

Frenic first started gigging back in the day with an up and coming UK Hip Hop act called “Lost Project” they saw some success, but after the group went their separate ways Frenic moved to the hotspot of UK music; Bristol. The sound and vibe of the city influenced Frenic to a wider, deeper selection of music. This led to more and more DJ sets, demonstrating his skills for selection and turntablism.